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The club has 8 skeet fields, including one dedicated to Modern Skeet. The fields open at 9:00 am to sunset. A key for the fields can be obtained at the Clubhouse. Currently, members pay $3.25 per round and guests pay $4.25. Anyone who chooses to use the skeet facilities must become familiar with the machines prior to doing any shooting. There are summer and winter skeet leagues. The club does hold registered skeet shoots during the summer months. For questions regarding Skeet, contact Bob Frankland at this email address: [email protected].

Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays

The Fin’s Sporting Clays event is a new and growing feature at the Club. At present,there are approximately seven sporting clays shoots that are held at different times during the summer months. For anyone who has never shot sporting clays, this is a great sport to get into because this practice leads to great shots during the upcoming hunting season.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Halloran at this email address:[email protected]


Trap shooting

The club has 6 trap fields which can be operated by the Canterbury Voice Release System. Four fields are dedicated for Singles & Handicap shooting. There is a dedicated Doubles field, and a field dedicated to “Skap.” The key for the trap houses can be obtained at the clubhouse. Currently, members pay $3.25 per round and guests pay $4.25.  Once again, it is mandatory that the user become familiar with the machines prior to shooting. For questions about trap, contact Bob “Moon” Hruskocy at this email address: [email protected].

5 Stand

The Fin Fur and Feather Club offers a complete 5 Stand field. We have 7 Traps and change presentations and menus multiple times per year. The Field is open 6-8 Times per year to members and non-members. Currently cost for members is $5, non-members $7. Anyone interested in learning the game please stop down to one of the shoots and ask questions. If you have any questions about shoot dates etc please contact: [email protected]

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