About the Club

Fin, Fur, Feather Club

The Fin, Fur & Feather Club, Inc., located in Chaplin, CT, was established in 1947 for the purpose of “promoting the conservation of fish, game and other natural resources, to practice and teach the highest degree of sportsmanship and to promote safe and proficient use of sporting equipment.” Those choice words are taken directly out of the Club‘s by-laws and they represent the spirit and the practices continued today by the men and women who belong to the Fin.

This is a first-rate family-oriented organization that has great facilities for fishing, hunting, shooting, and socializing. Be our guest and peruse these pages to acquaint yourself with the Fin. If you are interested in joining, contact our membership chairman for an application form. If you have any questions about the different facilities or events, contact the appropriate chairperson by email.

Have a fun-filled time in the great outdoors–and always remember to be safety conscious!

FFF Board of Directors

Fin Fur & Feather Officers:

  • David Jones, President
  • Dick Palmer, Vice-President
  • Kevin Theriault, Secretary
  • Tom Hoagland, Treasurer

Fin Fur & Feather Executive Board:

  • Glenn Heinonen
  • Matt Halloran
  • Wayne Mather
  • John Moseley
  • Garrett Meacham
  • Steve Alexson
  • Troy Quick
    • Board Alternates
    • Shawn Covell
    • Corey Curtis Gray

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