Hunting Regulations

FFF Hunting Rules & Regulations – 2012 rev.

This list is to highlight a few laws/regulations, but is not intended to be all inclusive. You are responsible for reading, understanding, and abiding all Connecticut State Hunting Laws.

500 Foot Rule: It is prohibited to hunt , shoot, carry a loaded firearm within 500 of any Bldg, occupied by humans, livestock, or hazardous materials.

All state laws restricting hunting locations, shooting from a vehicle, across travel roads, or toward any person, shooting from vehicles is prohibited. Exception would be a State approved handicap situation.

No Sunday Hunting on Club or lease lands.

Sunday Bow Hunting on club leased lands only per state regulations.

No loaded firearms in any vehicle.

Fluorescent Orange is required from Sept 1st through the last day of State hunting regulations. You are required to wear of orange, exception would be archery for deer, turkey, waterfowl.

Legal shooting hours are ½ hour before sunrise, till sunset, unless noted below for the Fin Fur Feather hunting rules.

Observe All Club Rules and Regulations:

  1. You must purchase a metal button for all hunting/fishing activities. Cost is $25 for regular members and $10 for a junior member. In order to purchase this button, all work hours must be either completed or paid with paper work to indicate such, for hunting on both Club or Lease lands, and it must be displayed. You must purchase this button prior to October 1st, NO buttons will be sold after October 1st.
  2. Pheasant Hunting because of the numbers of hunters, are divided into three(3) groups, Wednesday, Saturday A & B. Saturday group rotates every week. Pheasant hunting starts at 8 am on Wednesday and Saturday stocking days. Wednesday group starts at 8 am, and must finish by 10 am, after that time all fields are open, on Saturday hunting starts at 8 am, A or B group, and finishes at 10 am, then at 10:30 am the opposite group can hunt till 12:30 pm, after that all fields are open. Those other days follow the State Hunting Laws. Junior members can only hunt with either their parents or sponsor, and they can’t sign up for either stocking days or group.
  3. All hunters, hunting on Wednesday or Saturday must sign in and out, other days and after those hours on Wednesday/Saturday, must sign in their birds in the log book by the front bar door.
  4. Members are only allowed 2 pheasants per day, Junior Club member are allowed 2 per day. Member’s may bring their spouse to hunt, but will split their bag limit. Member’s may bring a guest, but they cannot hunt or carry a gun, and that they wear orange. No hunting or training dogs near the pheasant pens, no hunting the area between the rifle/pistol ranges and clubhouse, no hunting in the 3-D archery practice area. Dogs must be on a leashed on the lawn of the Clubhouse side of the driveway.
  5. Parking is allowed at the designated parking areas at all lease areas, there is no parking at the skeet/rifle/pistol areas until after 10 am on those stocking days, unless you have a handicap parking permit, and approved by the Executive Board.
  6. Rifle, Skeet, and Pistol ranges, sand pit are Closed until 10 am on those stocking days only.
  7. No shot size larger than # 6 shot shall be used on Club or Lease land.
  8. No Hunting is allowed in any Red Zone areas.
  9. After you or your party has gotten your bag limited, all dogs will be put on a leash and walk out of the area. Allowing your dog to flush birds and not shoot them will not be allowed.
  10. Thanksgiving morning all fields will be stocked, all hunters must sign in and out, no hunting before 8 am.
  11. Hunting of Deer and turkey on Club or lease land.
    • Dates, time, licenses, bag limits you must follow the State Regulations.
    • Metal button are required, and permission slips, Turkey slips will be issued before the middle of April and Deer slips will be by Labor day.
    • Portable Tree stands are only allowed, only one per hunter, per hunting area. All stands must have the member’s name on it, and be removed at the end of the season.
    • There is only Bow hunting on Club-own land, no center fired guns allowed on lease land.
    • If you harvest a deer or turkey that must be report it to the Club within 24 hours.
  12. Waterfowl hunting is allowed on Club lease land, all state and federal laws prevail. No permanent or dug blinds allowed. Hours are anytime, except Wednesday not before 10am, and Saturday not before 1pm, while pheasant stocking is in place, the Hunt committee will place a notice when goose hunting on Saturday is before above times and which field, or after pheasant stocking has been completed.
  13. Use of ATV’s, handicapped carts is restricted to Club land only with the approval of the Executive Board.
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