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Mission Statement:
To provide a safe, recreational shooting experience for our members and their guests, to promote the sport of shooting and marksmanship, to protect and preserve our shooting and hunting heritage.

As you have noticed, the Pistol Range is continuing to be upgraded. We hope to provide our members a more exciting and challenging range for you to use.

The new dueling tree is available to be engaged from the far right of the pistol range, out from underneath the roof and in front of the ground pole located directly in front of the shooting tree. The shooting tree may not be engaged from any under-roof position. If members would like to paint the plates, please make sure only the plates are painted. The club will periodically paint the plates.

When traversing from an under-roof firing point to the shooting position of the tree, all weapons must be unloaded, slide locked to the rear or cylinder open. The shooter will announce to others that they are moving to the tree, keeping the firearm point at the ground away from other shooters. Only when the shooter is in position behind the ground pole may the firearm be loaded. The firearm must be cleared, slide locked to the rear or cylinder open, when returning to the under-roof firing position. No more than 2 shooters at any time.

We have placed 2 Evil Roy targets at the 50 yard berm. As with the other steel targets, members are welcome to paint them as needed.

Pistol Range Rules:

  • The range is open from 9AM until sunset.
  • During pheasant season stocking days Wednesday and Saturdays the range opens at 10am. You cannot drive to the range until then.
  • Anyone under the roof area must have eye and hearing protection when shooting is being conducted.
  • When requiring to go down range the shooter must state to all shooters his/her intent. Once all shooters acknowledge the request, unload their firearm, remove magazine, lock slide to the rear or open cylinder and place the firearm on the bench muzzle orientated down range, and step back and announce “clear”. When the original requestor observes all weapons are safe and placed on the bench he/she will announce “Range Closed” and proceed down range. When all people have completed their down range tasks and are back behind the firing line, the requestor will announce, “Range Open", at that time shooters may go back to their firing position and commence loading.
  • Targets:
    • Unless provided by the club as a part of the range, only paper / cardboard targets are allowed.
    • Members must use the provided steel target stands.
    • If multiple bullseyes are to be used, keep all bullseyes edges a minimum of 3 inches from the outer edges of the steel target frame.
    • Our steel targets in place are high quality rated steel and are positioned with a deflection and or distance for safe shooting, however there is always a chance that ricochets to the firing line may occur. It is imperative that eye protection is used at all times. If at any time you notice any pitting or damage to a steel target, do not shoot at it and inform the Pistol Chairman or any other board member immediately.
  • Pistols, rimfire and centerfire up to 44 magnum can be used at the Pistol Range.
  • Rifles, only rimfire can be used at the Pistol Range.
  • No rifle cartridge pistols.
  • Member’s guests must pay $5, payable at the club bar during operating hours BEFORE using the range. If the club bar is closed, please pay at your next visit when the bar is open.
  • NRA Instructors conducting the shooting portion of their class must pay $10 per student BEFORE using the range.
Contact info:
Paul Arildsen paul.arildsen@charter.net
Jon-Paul Mucha jmucha3523@sbcglobal.net
This is your range, please keep it clean!


M1 rifleThe Fin‘s rifle range is one of the favorite places at the club, offering shooters 50, 100 and 200 yard target sites. There is cover at the shooting line for protection during inclement weather. Target sheds are available for regular practice and special matches. Anyone wishing to sight in their rifle, muzzle loaders, shotgun, or handguns larger than 44 mag must use the 50 yd range at the rifle range, NOT the pistol range. All shooters must observe all rules for shooting at that ranges. NO RIFLES, MUZZLE LOADERS, SHOTGUNS OR A HANDGUN LARGER THAN A 44 MAG ARE ALLOWED AT THE PISTOL RANGE. YOU MUST USE THE RIFLE RANGE. The ONLY exception is rim fired rifles. Any questions, please contact Pete Mathewson

The Rifle Range is open from 9:00 a.m. to sunset. Rules are posted at the range. There are NRA approved rifle matches, starting in spring and running throughout the summer months.

2018 High Power Rifle Matches (all Saturday dates)
Saturday, May 26th

NMC 50 rounds $10.00, starts @ 9 am.

Saturday, June 9th M1 Garand Match 30 rounds, $20.00, starts @ 9 am
June 9th 21st Annual M-1 Grand Match
More Information
Saturday, July 7th NMC 50 rounds $10.00, starts @ 9 am.
Saturday, August 18th NMC 50 rounds, $10.00, starts @ 9 am.
Saturday September 15th

NMC 50 rounds, $10.00, starts @ 9 am. 
Course of fire, 10 rds. standing, 10 rds. sitting, 10 rds. prone, 20 rds. prone.
All fired on the 200 yd. reduced NMC.

Registration is at 8 am, No late entries, One relay only, competitors will score and change targets.

Remember: Safety First!

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