Shooting Range Rules

The purpose of theses range Safety Rules is to provide for maximum safety during the use of all Shooting ranges at the Fin Fur Feather Club.  These Shooting Range Rules apply to all individuals and groups who use the Club’s shooting facilities.


  1. Always treat every gun as it was loaded.
  2. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
  3. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
  4. Always keep the action open, safety on, and the firearm unloaded until ready to shoot.
  5. Always be sure of the target, what lies between you and the target, and what lies beyond.
  6. Be sure the gun is safe to operate, and know how to operate it.
  7. Know that certain types of firearms may require additional safety procedures.
  8. Be aware that various types of shooting activities require additional safety procedures.
  9. Use only the ammunition that is correct for the firearm.
  10. Eye and Ear protection must be worn when near or on the shooting platform when shooting is occurring.  All shooters, spectators, and workers must follow this rule as well.
  11. No person who consumes alcohol or drugs before or during any shooting event, is NOT allowed to handle or operate any type of firearm or bow on any of the Fin’s ranges.
  12. Firearms that are not in use must be kept off the firing line with actions open, and safeties on, if so equipped.
  13. In the event of an unsafe practice or other emergency, anyone may call “Cease Fire” immediately.
  14. Before anyone may go down range, ALL FIREARMS MUST BE UNLOADED, ACTIONS OPEN, and NO HANDLING OF FIREARMS or MAGAZINES, while individuals are down range.
  15. Before going down range the range MUST BE DECLARED SAFE.
  16. Before leaving the range, every shooter must pick up their brass, hulls, and other debris, whether it’s theirs or from before, and place in appropriate container or take it home.
  17. Members must be present while their guest is there, and they assume all responsibilities of said guest.
  18. Members, who bring guests to the ranges, must supervise them one on one at all times.
  20. All Shooting ranges open at 9 am every day, the only exception is Wednesday and Saturday stocking days during pheasant hunting season which will open at 10 am, and closes at sunset.
  21. Any member who observes another person engaging in illegal or unsafe behavior or breaking the Range Safety Rules should first advise that individual of their error, and two if that person respond and stills operates unsafe actions, then report this incident to the Board of Directors.


  1. No Beverages Allowed on the range.
  2. No clearing of trees, brush, or shrubs.
  3. No destruction of signs or targets.
  4. Members & invited guests Only.
  5. No Smoking.
  6. Children & Junior members must be accompanied by an adult.
  7. Return any found equipment to the Clubhouse.
  8. NO BROADHEAD (hunting arrows) unless you bring your own target.
  9. Keep your lead foot even with your shooting station post.
  10. Violations of the above are grounds for revoking your archery club privileges or dismissal.


  1. Never elevate the muzzle of the firearm above the berm.
  2. Cross-range shooting is NOT permitted.
  3. Hot holster drawing is NOT permitted at the Rifle Range.
  4. Target frames are provided for the shooters in the range hut, and must be returned, when shooting has ended.
  5. Target frames stored in the main shed is for matches only.
  6. Only paper targets are permitted, unless permitted through the Board of Directors.
  7. All targets must be placed in the mounts at the 100 and 20 yds distances, unless permitted by the Board of Directors.
  8. Targets are NOT ALLOWED ON THE GROUND or BERMS, NO shooting at the frames, stones, wood or any other items.


The Pistol range is for pistols and rim fire rifles only! Pistols more powerful than a 44 mag is not allowed on this range as well as rifles, shotguns muzzle loaders. These must be used on the rifle range.

Never elevate the muzzle of the fire arm above the berm.
  1. Cross range shooting is NOT permitted.
  2. Hot holster drawing is NOT permitted at the Pistol shooting range.
  3. Target frames are provided for shooters, and must be taken off the range to storage.
  4. Target frames are to be place in the mounts as provided ONLY.
  5. Only paper targets are allowed, unless permitted by the Board of Directors.
  6. Do Not place targets on the ground, berm, no shooting at target frames or any other material on the ground.
  7. All shooters must pick up their brass, and material upon completion.
  8. Shooters must sign in on the log book provided in the grey box.


  1. All double barrel guns must be open and empty at all times prior to actual shooting the target.
  2. Semi-automatic and pump guns must have their actions open and empty prior to shooting the target.
  3. Only one shooter at a time on the same field shall be allowed to load a gun preparatory to a shooting a target.
  4. All shooters MUST be to the rear of the actual shooter on the same field.
  5. No Shot size larger then # 7 ½ or smaller than # 9 and only shell length of 2 ¾” for clay targets.
  6. Only factory or safe reloads ammunition shall be used to shoot clay targets.
  7. Entering the houses on a field where a shooter is holding a loaded gun or preparing to shoot a target is PROHITBITED.
  8. No one is allowed onto the infield of skeet, trap, modern, or 5-stand when the adjoining field has shooting going on.
  9. Pick up your hulls, and shell boxes material place into proper containers. All empty target boxes are to be removed from each building, flatten and deliver to the Club’s disposal area.
  10. Only individuals who have taken the safety course may start, load, and turn off. Adjustments are not to be made to the machine.

Listed below are the General instructions on how to operate the Trap/Canterbury equipment.

  1. ONLY individuals who have taken the Range Safety Course can turn on and off machines.
  2. Turn pump on, and let warm up for twenty(20) minutes.
  3. Take the 3-prong from the trap house and plug into voice box. When finished shooting put cord back into trap house.
  4. Plug microphone(2-prong) into voice box.
  5. Plug on /off switch(4-prong) into voice box.
  6. Make sure you match the connectors up correctly; they go in a specific way.
  7. Turn on the release switch in the trap house.
  8. If targets are automatically being thrown, turn off release switch and let pump run more to warm up.  NEVER stand in front of the trap when you switch on the release toggle.
  9. Turn on/off switch to start shooting.
  10. When finish shooting, turn off pump and release switches. DON’T stand in front of the trap.
  11. Load trap machines and remove all empty boxes, flatten are removed to the Club’s disposal area. Pick up all hulls and shell boxes, place in containers or dumpster.

NOTE: targets are release by voice talk; reduce your talk to a minimum. Report any
problems to the chairperson.  DON’T ADJUST ANY MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Failure to comply with these Range Safety Rules may result in a verbal reprimand, suspension of Range usage or club privileges, or termination from the Fin Fur Feather Club, Inc. These Shooting Range Rules are issued by the authority of the Fin’s Shooting Range Rules Committee, Board of Directors, and members of this Club. These Rules will be reviewed and reapproved as needed during the 4th quarter of each year, or at any other time that circumstances requires revision.

FFF Board of Directors
July 28, 2009

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