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Duck hunting on Cape Cod.

T he Fin offers pheasant, turkey, waterfowl and deer hunting on Club-owned and Club-leased land. We raise our own pheasants and do stocking on Wednesday‘s and Saturday‘s during the hunting season. As with fishing, there are specific State and Club rules governing hunting on our properties. These rules and regulations are published annually in the Rod & Gun Gazette and every member is required to

Rocco Gondek, Junior Hunter
with his first turkey ever..

follow these rules. Before hunting pheasants, for instance, a member must sign up for a group on requested days. Members who are qualified can
Junior Turkey Hunt Day, saw junior Zack Simoneau nephew of member Phil Kirsopp with 2 very nice toms shoot at West Field. Phil called about 4 toms, when the first got within 15 yds. Zack scored his first turkey ever, and then to top that feat, another tom came up to the first and Zack shot him next to the first. Phil indicated that his nephew is now hooked on turkey hunting. That what it is all about, passing it on. Nice job Zack.
hunt on Club-owned or Club-leased land on any other day (except Sunday). Please observe all posted signs, especially Red Z one signs. During the month of September there are dog trials on Sundays. These are prime events
during which hunters can get their dogs ready for the upcoming season by buying a bird for $8.00. For questions about hunting, contact Wayne Mather at 860-942-3385.

Club Members on a

   Recently 10 club members travel to Bingham, Me.which is about 50 miles northwest of Waterville, Me., exit 133 from I -95, for a 2 day Hare Hunt, at the Pine Grove Lodge, 4 season outfitters, operated by Bob Howe, Master Maine guide. As we started out on Thursday, and after arriving, all the ground was free of snow.Pine Grove Lodge Our members were rubbing their hands, as those Hares are white, and with the brown ground, Fiesta time.

   But the whole scene changed, Friday morning of the first hunt, bang, 4- 6 inches of snow, great for the dogs, great for the hares, but bad for the hunters. Low hanging evergreen branches from the snow, and the white Hares made hunting very difficult. Now you see them, and now you don't. Matt Halleron did scored the first day, with other hunters missing their mark. On the second morning, with it warming up a bit. The dogs were running great as well as the Hares. Still, very difficult to spot, raise your gun, and try to score. Pat Enright and Dick Palmer did get Hares, but alot of misses. Members traveling on this Hare hunt was Shawn Spears, Pat Enright, Jim Gifford, Dave Fromerth, Matt Halleron, Dave Rorrio, Bill Spears, Dick Palmer, Kevin Segar, and BrucPine Grove Lodgee Macaro.

   If anyone is thinking about a Hare Hunt, we must recommend Pine Grove Lodge. Great location, personnel who run this are fantastic, whether its hunting Hare, deer, moose, fishing, white water stuff, check them out. They had provided our club raffle in the past with a certificate for a one day Hare hunt, and now a limited edition of a drawing of beagles and Hares for our club raffle. Check them out, this is our fourth time there, great, relaxing, and enjoying everyone laid back attitude.

Oh Ye, the food is great too.
Dick Palmer

Pheasant Hunt
Dog on Point
Moon Gives Bird Big Lead

Rick Discusses Fine Points

FFF Members Caring for Pheasant Chicks
. .
   John Shumansky collects unusual information for entertaining members at the next membership meeting.


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   The state of CT has established four designated days for youth hunting this year. You will not find them listed in your field guide since they were established after the field guide was printed. On these designated days, licensed junior hunters (ages 12-15) may hunt with a licensed adult hunter. The adult mentor may not carry a firearm. These training days are designed to provide the junior hunter with the opportunity to learn safe and effective practices from experienced hunters.


  The FFF has decided to allow the youth hunter training days to take place on Club-leased and Club-owned land. All hunting must be in accordance with CT State laws and Club hunting rules and regulations. The dates set for the junior hunters are prior to the regular season and should provide an excellent hunt since the game has not had any hunting pressure.

   FFF junior hunters must be a junior member or a lineal descendant(son / daughter, grandchild) of a Club member. The adult mentor they hunt with must be a Club member who is at least 21 years old.

Remember: Safety First!

Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection

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